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Josette + Patrick: Engagement Session

It was great meeting both Josette and Patrick at one of the bridal shows we attended in this year…it was even more special for us to see that we were a small part of their love story without us knowing about it…GREAT Love story….Enjoy!

  • Bride: Josette Hutton
  • Groom: Patrick Evans
  • Location: Forsyth Park in Savannah GA
  • Wedding Date: October 20th, 2012

Their First Encounter: 

Josette and Patrick met through Josette’s brother-in-law, David, who is married to her middle sister Addie. David and Addie have been friends with Patrick for years, since they all lived in Savannah and were neighbors. During the summer, my son Malcolm would visit, and they would all do cookouts together. Patrick and Josette met on a fluke encounter while I was visiting David and Addie, in Savannah during a vacation.

Their Background Story:
Being close with both Josette and Patrick individually, David tried getting us to meet for over a year pior telling us we had so much in common- our love of history, african world studies, politics, music, etc. We both had been in bad relationships and decided we weren’t interested, and kept brushing David off.

Finally during Josette’s visit back home, David called Patrick out of the blue moon; and asked him if he was on Facebook, and  his email address. Josette put the info in on Josette’s computer, and handed her the phone, where she and Patrick had our first of what would be many conversations. They eventually became facebook friends, messaged alot, kept in contact, and at best- thought they had met a great friend.

Months later in March, Josette took a vacation and the week of the Kevin Hart comedy tour in Savannah at the Civic Center. David and Addie had purchased tickets but David couldn’t make the event due to a job conflict. Patrick gave Josette his ticket so her sister Addie wouldn’t have to go alone or lose out on the money. On the way down to Savannah, Josette called Patrick to see if we could meet in person for the first time….they decided to meet after the show. That night, after the show let out it was very late and they decided to meet the next day. So they met at the movies the next night, had dinner and they have been inseparable ever since.

Their First Date:  

They met on Friday March 24, 2011 at the movies and hung out with Josette’s sister Addie. They later went out to dinner at Applebees, where Josette surprised Patrick with a gift (a candle and some scented soap) in celebration of passing his exam to get his Insurance Broker’s license.

They talked and laughed for two hours until they were the only patrons left at the restaurant. Josette left her car back at the movie theater, so they got in Patrick’s car….where Patrick kissed Josette. That kiss lasted for three hours. (Wowwww…..!!) Patrick drove Josette back to her car, and she went to her sister’s house and never stopped smiling.

The next day they went to the City Market downtown Savannah, and he never let her hand go. Over the course of the week, they saw each other every day and made plans on how they would keep seeing each other despite the distance. For a year, every other weekend they took turns driving to Atlanta or Savannah or meeting at a half way point in Macon. (So Sweet..!!)

The Proposal:

They discussed getting married since October, through the holidays, and went ring shopping. For a surprise, Patrick took her to a bridal show in Atlanta and invited her best friend Allison, who bought me a wedding planning book. This is the show where we met IvannaFranz Photography. Patrick gave her a promise ring, and told Josette that he wanted her to have the best wedding she could imagine, and wanted her to start thinking of how she would want it to be. He promised she wouldn’t have to wait long, but that he wanted to do it right and although they were in our 30′s he still wanted to talk with her parents.

On our anniversary, Patrick bought her flowers and gave her a beautiful sentimental card. He told her they had reservations at our favorite restaurant- Spice Market at the W hotel at 8pm.. For the entire day they went to all of their favorite places in Atlanta- Little 5 Points to get music, he took her to the Fair, they laughed and talked about their future together, it was great.

They got to the restaurant and enjoyed their dinner and great conversation,had more laughs. Josette was full but Patrick kept encouraging her to make it through to dessert and that he really wanted to have something sweet. Josette gave in, but had to use the restroom. When she came back, the waitress asked if she was ready for dessert.. She then brought out a white platter and set it out on the table in front of Josette. It had a wedding cake, with brown chocolate ribbons and purple flowers. In chocolate syrup was the question “Will you Marry Me?” around the cake. It took her a second to process what was happening, and then she just bursted out crying saying “Yes, Yes!”Patrick then held her hand and told her it meant a lot to him that she was willing to work with him, have patience, and trust he meant what he said. He then told me her that he was able to work out a way to get out of his lease early, and was working on setting up a job here in Atlanta through some contacts so we could be together everyday. Although he had worked as a supervisor for a company in Atlanta and hated it, he had even applied for a position just in case, so they wouldn’t have to worry.

It was an amazing night  Josette will never forget it. Patrick was beaming, and she was so proud that he’s going to be her husband. Patrick is such a gift, and she thank God that David knew better than to listen when the two of  them said we weren’t interested in meeting anybody. (Awwwww…very sweet!)

Many Thanks to the wonderful Team at Moods Music and  The Clothing Warehouse in Little Five Points.


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Nesta + Ladi: Engagement Session

I was very excited and honored to shoot my best friend’s engagement pictures. Nesta and Ladi insisted on two things: nature and light incorporated in their photos which worked perfectly with their Love Story.

After all the fighting with the pollen and several attempts in getting the swings at the playground….they still had a great time at their session.. the pictures will tell the story! Enjoy…..

  • Bride: Nesta Distin
  • Groom: Ladi Lumpkin
  • Occupation: Associate Producer @CNN (Bride); Mechanical Engineer (Groom)
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Wedding Date: April 27th, 2013

First Encounter: Nesta & Ladi first met through a mutual friend, Patricia. She introduced Nesta to Ladi at Tin Drum, Atlantic Station.

Bride’s First Date Story:  Ladi picked me up to go eat Indian food at a restaurant for our first date. We got lost trying to find it. The restaurant had moved to another part of town and it was still showing up on Google maps in the old location. It could have turned out to be the beginning of the end but we both had cool attitudes about the mishap.

We ended up eating at an Asian infused restaurant. We went to Piedmont Park afterwards because we did not want the evening to end so soon. We played in the park, on the swing and see-saw. We giggled like children. It was pure joy and that’s when I realized how amazing and authentic Ladi is.  We have been giggling together ever since.  (Awwwww……so sweet!)

Proposal:  Ladi proposed to Nesta in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Why these Lovebirds sing:

  • NESTA: I admire Ladi’s integrity. It is one of his best traits. It inspires me to live better and do the right thing even when it seems hard to.
  • LADI: I love it when Nesta smiles. It reminds me that there is hope and light for the world. Her smile makes things brighter and brings so much JOY into my life.

I am excited to be apart of their BIG Day next year as (M.O.H)! Congrats to a great and very much in love couple!

Many Thanks to the wonderful Team at  Tin Drum in Atlantic Station .

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April 12, 2012 - 1:18 am

Sherrian Garcia - Ivanna, a job superbly done!!! I love your photos, they capture the love between Ladi and Nesta. Nesta and I went to high school together in Jamaica. She has been one of my bonafides, foundation friend for almost 17 years. A true confidant. She has blossomed into a beautiful young lady. Although we have been apart for almost 12 years, our friendship has only grown stronger and we have remained close.
I met Ladi when Nesta brought him to Jamaica late last year (2011). Prior to meeting him in person, I felt it in my spirit that there was something special about him when she spoke of him. Then she told me he was even there for her during a trying time in her life. Knowing that he was there for my friend like no one else, I knew he was a keeper, sent from heaven.
Patricia, you must be a real life cupid (lol). Thank you for introducing these two to each other.
Ladi and Nesta, never forget GOD, and keep the love alive.
One Love

Justina + Edward:Engagement

Thankfully I met Justina & Edward last year right before our busy schedule  in 2012….I was excited because they were referred to us by our lovely past clients Lola & Yemi….(we LUV when our fans brag about our work!). Patiently Justina & Edward waited for warmer weather, and it was perfect: 80 degrees, blue skies and cotton candy everywhere! lol…..

Can you believe they were shy during their session?…well only for the first 5 mins!

  • Bride: Justina Hoskins
  • Groom: Edward
  • Occupation: Hotel Manager (Bride); AT&T Retail Sales Consultant (Groom)
  • Location: Piedmont Room at Park Tavern: Atlanta, GA
  • Wedding Date: March 3rd, 2013

Their Love Story: Justina & Edward first met in December 2007 at Georgia State Library. From that moment, Edward knew that he wanted to find out more about Justina. (Awwww…) Edward also had a mutual friend to introduce him to Justina….from there they became great friends which eventually grew into the Great Love Story today!

Proposal: Edward took Justina (who had no idea what was going on…) to one their favorite restaurants: Cafe Intermezzo, for dessert. There an engagement ring was brought out on top of a piece of cheesecake just for Justina. How Sweet!

Why these Lovebirds sing:

  • Justina’s favorite trait about Edward is his strong faith in God.
  • Edward’s favorite trait about Justina is her nurturing spirit.

I am honored & excited to be apart of their BIG Day next year! Congrats to a fun and very much in love couple!

Many Thanks to the wonderful management team at  Cafe Intermezzo in Buckhead and The Atlanta Fair .






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SJ Fashionistas

We had the pleasure in meeting Sonnia Jere with SJ Fascinators for Fashionistas, and highlighting her fabulous custom hand-made hats. She currently has a gorgeous Spring collection and is also adding a bridal collection.  Check out a few of her hats on Esty. I also added a few of our favs below!

((Great addition to your fab wardrobe…also will had as a great accessory for your engagement pics!))

IvannaFranz March Giveaway: One lucky IvannaFranz’s Facebook fan will win one of their Fabulous custom hat of their choice……Yay!

The winner will be posted on our page on April 30th, 2012.



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Katrina + William: Engagement

We have officially started our 2012 season….Yay! We had the pleasure in meeting Katrina (VIP Bride) at Bridal Extravaganza Show in Atlanta. (click here to see our fab pic)…We were so excited to begin with Katrina & William’s engagement session to tell their love story…..

  • Bride: Katrina Mosely
  • Groom: William (Reggie) Sloan
  • Occupation: Government Official (Bride); Chef, Caterer (Groom)
  • Location: The Ambient Plus Studio: Atlanta, GA
  • Wedding Date: October 13th, 2012

Their Love Story: William and Katrina first met in high school. William was also Katrina’s first date to the prom; where she wore her beautiful blue dress… that she was also able to get into for their first shoot. (Go Katrina whoo-hoo!!!) They lost contact over the years; however fate led Katrina in meeting William’s sister. This meeting then led Katrina and William to reconnect, now they are excitingly planning their upcoming nuptials for Fall 2012.

Proposal: William is a BIG Sade fan, so he decided to bring Katrina to Sade’s concert at the Phillips arena, where he popped the question…(Awwwww). Katrina was so surprised she had no idea what William had planned for the concert!

Check us out on our Facebook page: IvannaFranzPhotography Facebook . (Don’t forget to LIKE us!)

Many Thanks to Ambient Plus Studio and Fabulous Makeup Artist: NikkiB Artistry

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